Too Faced - Shadow Insurance

As told by many guru's, this one is one of the best eye primers out there. Don't you just love the packaging of Too Faced? Super girly.

I bought this in winter 2009 and it's finally (or sadly) almost out of product. I really love this primer. It has no real color of its own, so it can be used as a base for whatever color you like. The only problem I get sometimes is that I can't see where exactly I put the product and where I missed a spot. Anyway, it really does work. My eyeshadow stays put for the entire day and there's no creasing. I also like the texture of it, it's silicone based so it goes on very smoothly. It does smell a little weird, but it's really not that bad. It's not like one of those synthetic cheap make up smells (o man, i hate those). You also don't need a lot of it, that's why it will last you so long. It's 11g for about 15 euros, so really worth a shot.

Hope that helped. Have a nice weekend! xo


  1. This is one of my fave primers too!! I also love MAC Bare Study

  2. momenteel gebruik de udpp, als die op is geef ik deze wel een kans. de verpakking is veel handiger!

  3. primer is the best! makes colors go on amazing. this packaging is so much better than UDPP

  4. I still want to try a mac paintpot though!

    And I think udpp's packaging looks nice, but it's not effective. And it has a wand, so hellooo bacteria!