M.A.C - Pro Longwear foundation

I've been using this foundation for a couple of months now, so I think I can give an honest review about it. I always wanted to try a M.A.C foundation, but there's so much different kinds I didn't knew which one was right for me. I've heard too many stories of girls that went to a make up counter to ask for help to pick out a foundation, went home and still weren't satisfied with their purchase. So I decided to do some research before and found this very helpful guide from Dustin Hunter. Check it out, it really helped me.

I like the packaging. I've had foundations with a pump before, but they always clogged up. Next time I used it, I got a big chunk of dried up foundation on my face. Who wants that? I don't really have this problem with this packaging, sometimes just a little bit. Wiping off the little excess on the pump after use really prevents it.

I just apply it with my fingers, one pump is enough to cover my face for daily wear. On the website it says it's sheer to medium coverage and I mostly agree with it. It's a buildable foundation, making it cover up red zones like around the nose or mouth very easy. I do find that when I use a green corrector on red zones underneath my foundation, it gives perfect coverage. If you check out Dustin Hunter's in depth review about the Pro Longwear foundation, he says you don't need any powder to set it. When I bought this foundation, the MUA tried it on me first and he did set it with a powder. It did look good for several hours, but at night you could see it get a bit cakey. So no powder for me. It does last all day for me, but when I go out at night I just put another thin layer on my red zones, to be safe ;).

There's only one little downside for me. I have combination skin, so I have some dry zones on my face, like in between my eyebrows. After I applied foundation, it can look a bit flakey. I have to pick out the little bits of dry skin with a tweezer and take a damp cotton pad to even out the foundation. The best part is, the cotton pad will have 0,0 foundation on it. You rub as hard as you want, only a good make up remover will get this foundation off your face.

+ lasts all day long
+ no setting powder needed
+ water resistant
+ transfer resistant

- not the best option for dry skin

If you're looking for a medium coverage foundation that'll last you all day, I think this is a good way to go. If you're looking for a good M.A.C foundation, I recommend watching the video and /or go to your local M.A.C store or counter to ask for some help.

I hope this helped,



  1. Die ziet er heel mooi uit. Ik heb nu foundation van clinique. Maar deze lijkt mij ook heel mooi egaliserend.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Ik heb daar 33 euro voor betaald denk ik

  3. Great review, this sounds awesome! I use Revlon Colourstay at the moment, only because it's the one foundation that won't slide off my face. May have to check this one out too. :)