I'm back!

I can't believe it's February. Seriously, I haven't blogged for so long this actually feels a bit weird. I've just been too busy with the holidays, school, work, and well, playing Pokemon. Haha. I've also been sick for over a week, that sucked big time. The holidays were super busy, but also very relaxing for once. My exams went great and the teachers really liked my design. I'm exited for my report card for a change, haha. O well, enough blabbing about myself.

Here's what to expect in the near future! I still have to put up a review about the Pro Longwear foundation from MAC, and I got a new fluid line that I love to pieces. I'm also going to write something about what products I use for my hair, and how to keep up with red hair. I also got a lot of pictures from some mani's I did during the holidays. And maybe something about weight loss, since I lost quite some weight recently. I'm also thinking about posting some outfits. I'm not sure yet, but I've been buying a ton of clothes recently and I thought some of you might appreciate some OOTD's. O, right. I went to Lush a couple of times too, oops.

yay, reddish hair! sorry I look so dead =^x^=

So yeah, I'm really exited to get blogging again. Stay tuned!


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  1. Welkom terug meid.
    Leuk dat je weer verder gaat.
    Liefs, xxx