Lush - Candy Cane bubble bar

When I bought this at the Lush Christmas VIP for, it was lying on a table together with the Snow Fairy shower gel and the lip tint and little bowls of candy. Picture perfect! The cane is pink and swirly, and it smells like a candy store. Of course I had to take it home with me! This is the first bubble bar from Lush that I bought and it was an instant hit. So. Many. BUBBLES!

I used this bar about 3 times, you can easily cut it into pieces with a knife. I crumbled it under running water and there were instant bubbles. I'm not kidding, I never saw so many bubbled in my bath. And the smell.. I love it! It reminds me of Snow Fairy, but it's not that heavy. It didn't really smell of vanilla to me, it's more of a sweet candy store scent. It also turned the water pink, I'm not a big fan of colored water but it looked cute. I'm sad the scent doesn't linger very long on the skin, but it did made it very smooth.

- fragrance
- ton of bubbles
- you can use it up to 3 or 4 times
- soft skin

- limited edition
- smell doesn't last long

I'm definitely buying this again before they go out of stock and I'll have to wait an entire year before it's back. That would be drama. No, seriously.

Meow xo


  1. Die heb ik hier ook nog liggen! Ik ben heel benieuwd of ik er ook zoveel bubbels uit krijg :)

  2. HMM, klinkt heerlijk. Okee de positieven punten overtreffen voor mij toch de negatieve punten.
    Liefs, xx

  3. Ik zou hem zeker halen ja, ik vond het de moeite ;)