Shopping: Lush haul and some more!

I rarely go out on a big shopping trip where I spend a ridiculously amount of money in one day, but I do buy one or two items at a time. Stuff I recently bought:

A new haircolour! It's going to be the lightest I have been in a year, boyfriend's pick so I'll see how it turns out. I also really love those little earrings from H&M. They had bunnies too but I knew I wasn't going to wear them so I gave them away. And I looove my new bag!

Now, my new Lush purchases! I really wanted a new skincare routine since I found out Nivea tests on animals. It did always work pretty well for me, I have really sensitive skin, and it can get superdry sometimes, but I also have an oily T-zone. Tricky! What I bought:

1. Sugar scrub: 'Tough on cellulite, kind to skin.' - kind of obvious why I want to try this one out, haha. Not that I need it so badly, but the littlest dimple makes me shiver!
2. Baby face: '
Natural butter bar for effective cleansing.' - I already tried this one, I love it. I never knew my face could get so dirty.
3. Eau Roma Water: '
Gentle rose water for dry skin' - I don't like the smell of roses, but it's bearable. Just a toner, I don't really know what to expect to be honest. It contains lavender, so it must be good?
4. Lemony Flutter: 'Cuticle butter' - Mmm, the smell of this product is so gooood. Let's hope it helps my extremely dry cuticles.
5. Angels on bare skin: '
Angelic and medieval recipe for the skin.' - Some sort of a cleanser, it's like a clay. This smells quite nice, you can even see bits of lavender in it. Got high hopes for this one!
6. Imperialis: '
Imperial and majestic moisturiser for oily skin.' - I'm confused, on the UK site it says it's for oily skin, while on the Dutch one it says it's for combination. Hm, we'll see I guess. This also contains lavender.

- Miranda: Soap with kiwi and juniper berry oil. I seriously want to eat this soap, that's how sweet it smells. Nomnomnom.
- Trichomania: Solid shampoo bar. 'Coconut softener for dry hair.' - Smell alright, I'm not a big fan of coconut actually. I still don't know if I'm going to try this one out, I'm a die-hard Tigi-fan.

I'm quite happy with what I got. You can expect some reviews about this stuff pretty soon!

xo Michelle


  1. Oh, superleuke aankoopjes!!
    Je tas is inderdaad heel mooi!!

  2. woow helemaal geslaagd volgens mij!!

  3. I LOVE LUSH. I also use the lemony flutter and enjoy it as a during the day cuticle cream...nothing too thick or greasy but I need something more heavy duty at night. Enjoy your great purchases!

  4. Michelle,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my 300 subscriber thank you post.
    I am glad you are looking forward to the giveaway. It sucks that they dont carry the Naked Palette where you live.


  5. Fijne spulletjes! En ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe haarkleur ;)

  6. Als je je haar nu donkerder kleurt zal de kleur niet goed pakken, enkel op je uitgroei.

    Trichomania is best goed, maar als je het niet gewoon bent om shampoo zonder siliconen te gebruiken is het even wennen. Trichomaia ruikt bijna niet naar kokosnoot, ben zelf nogal kokos fan en ik was teleurgesteld dat het zo weinig ruikt.