Random: Wishlist!

Everyone has one of these lists i think. I could probably think of a lot more products but i narrowed it down to a few. Even though i already have a ton of stuff, i still have the need to try out other products, haha. Here it goes:

Tigi bedhead ego boost - split end mender & leave-in conditioner
Because i have terribly dry hair sometimes, especially when the weather is crazy hot like it was a few weeks ago. I still use the dumb blonde conditioner, but i think this will give it some extra shine and makes it look healthier.

Opi nailpolish in hearts & tarts
Or just in any other nude color. Because i love a nude look on my nails. I sooo regret not buying this in London!

a mac customized eyeshadow quad
or two, or three.. Because i need a good quality eyeshadow to wear every day. The ones i own aren't that bad when you use a good quality primer, but still.

Lush - none of your beeswax lipbalm
Because you honestly can't have enough lipbalms. I've been a big fan of the body shop's born lippy's and lipbalms, but i find they don't stay on for a very long time. I'm definitely getting this one.

Urban Decay's Naked Palette
Because it's just awesome? No seriously, i love the colors. Comes with a black and brown liner and a primer potion.

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance by Gwen Stefani
Because they're so damn kawaii. And because i need a good quality eau de toilette that sticks with me for more than an hour.

Paul & Joe lipstick
Because they're supercute and i have a big obsession for cats. I'm so in love with the middle color. Too bad i can't find a seller in belgium. If someone knows, please tell me!


  1. great wish list!! i want the naked palette too!!
    I have one of the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance in Love and it smells amazing!!


  2. Awesome list. I too want the Naked Palette! Most of us makeup lovers do. That Paul and Joe lippy is so adorable. I remember you posted something on MUG about it. I have to find it. If I find it here, I will let you know.

  3. The Naked Palette looks fabulous!!

  4. yes i really want it! i think i'll buy it for christmas or something ;p

  5. btw, you inspired me to go make a wishlist on my own blog!