Tag, again!

I've been tagged again! This time it was by LisaMarie. Here we go:

* What's your favorite makeup look?
A neutral or a smokey eye with a nude lip. I don't use a lot of bold colors, just some accents or I just use a very dark shade of a color.

* What part of your body do you love?
That's a though one. Some days I don't like anything about it, other days I think I look fine the way I am. I guess I like my eyes and my hair, my colarbones and my bum, haha. I like the overall shape of my body, it's quite in proportion, even though I got some chub here and there.

* Who is your beauty icon?
I think I have a few? I like the sultry look Megan Fox has, but I also really love the girl next door look from Kate Hudson. Katherine Heigl always looks so classy, but Kat Von D looks awesome as well. I can't pick!

* What beauty product makes you feel instantly good?
Eyeliner and mascara. I don't like leaving the house without it, it's the bare minimum. It makes my eyes more awake because I have quite big eyes with heavy lids.

* How do you look after your skin?
I currently still use a routine from Nivea, but I will be changing this because I found out they test on animals. I have some products from their 'sensitive to dry skin' range. I use a face wash once a day, and every morning and night I use a cleanser, toner and a night- or daycream. Sometimes I scrub my face with the facewash mixed with some sugar, or just some sugar with lemon juice. I like natural (and budget friendly) solutions for my skin. If they work, why bother buying expensive products? I also make my own bodyscrub and I use a bodylotion or bodybutter almost every day.

* What is your signature scent?
I always have a different perfume. Currently I'm using 'Zestiny' from The Body Shop, but I think it's been discontinued? I have this problem with almost every perfume I buy! I'm going to buy one of the Harajuku Lovers perfumes I think, I really want one of those, they all smell awesome! I think I like a light fruity perfume above all. I hate people that go overboard and smell like they've taken a bath in their perfume bottle.

* What's your hair care secrets?
If you bleach your hair, STOP DOING IT NOW! I used to bleach and dye it in a very light blond shade, and it completely ruined and dried out my hair. Even though I'm a natural (dark?) blond, it was very high maintenance. Now I just dye it myself, in a dark color, about every 3 weeks. I use tigi hairproducts. They're pricey, but worth the money. My hair is shiny and looks healthy, even though I haven't been to a hairdresser in 10 months (I'm not joking!) Hairdressers are scary, they always mess up my hair ;(. I also rarely straighten or curl my hair anymore, just a few waves a couple of times a week.

* How do you pamper yourself?
I pamper myself everyday, I think, haha. I love taking a long hot bath with my favorite music in the background, some scented candles and a good scrub. (yes, what a cliche, but I like it) Afterwards I rinse myself off with really cold water, feels so awesome.
I also feel very spoiled when I buy underwear or makeup with ridiculous high prices. Woopsie.

What is your beauty pet peeve?
Untrimmed brows, panda-eyes, orange foundation-masks, too much eyeshadow, failed eyeliner and people that wear fashion items unsuitable for their body shape. Grrr.

What would your desert island must haves be?
Food, water, deodorant, a razor, clothes, mascara and my boyfriend? Haha i don't know, makeup wise, I'd say mascara and eyeliner, a brow filler and powder.

* Finally, how do you have a beauty philosophy?
I did quite some research for school about beauty some time back, and I believe beauty has a double standard. People go to crazy extents to live up to their cultural standard. I also hate how the media makes us feel like 'we're not good enough' if we don't live up to it. If you're not a size zero, you're a lesser person? Other than that, everyone should look after their appearance. You can discuss this over and over again, but looks matter. We're visual creatures.
For myself, I'd say, keep it natural. Think of the environment and animal testing.

I tag mysterious brunette, girtastic glam, Suzan from Suusies MakeupBlog, Robyn from Stay Beautiful and Beauty's Bad Habit.

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