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On my last visit at Lush, I got a sample of 'love lettuce' fresh face mask. There was quite a big amount of product in the sample, so I got to use it twice. Since I could choose which sample I wanted, I asked for something to neutralize my oily t-zone.

On the lush website:
Balancing face mask for normal to oily skin. Love Lettuce is a mask which gives as it takes away. On the taking away side you've got Fuller's earth and kaolin which are clays to dig deep and extract dirt. Then you have ground almonds and almond shells which you massage in to exfoliate away old skin cells and smooth your skin. On the giving side you have a decoction of agar agar seaweed with lots of lovely minerals to be absorbed into your skin, plus moisturising almond oil and balancing lavender to control oils. All fair in love and lettuce.

I really liked using this mask. It felt really fresh on my skin and it wasn't like one of those masks that get really hard after a while. It also didn't smell bad, just a bit like clay and seaweed. You could also really see the seaweed in it. I like this because then you know it's a real fresh product. Because of the almonds, my skin got a good scrub too. After using it, some sort of a film had formed on my skin, which felt oily, but after 10 minutes my skin was super soft! So, did it neutralize my skin? Yes. My oily t-zone wasn't oily anymore, and the rest of my face (where my skin is dry) was hydrated.
Would i buy it? For €10,75, maybe. You get about 3 masks out of a jar, but i bet i can pull 4 out of it. I'm more interested in trying their moisturizers and cleansers first.

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  1. thanks for the review..I am interest in lush's masks..maybe I will try this one..thanks