Bodysol - self tanner

I'm extremely pale, which im fine with in winter. However, i hate having milky white legs in summer. They actually reflect in the sunlight, they just seem even mooore pale. I also have a lot of birthmarks, so going to a tanning salon also isn't an option. I don't want to get skin cancer and there's a big chance i get burned.
Over the years i tried many self-tanners, but im so pale, it's like putting orange paint all over my body. There have been times i looked a little like a walking carrot.
But then my mom got me Bodysol self-tanning bodylotion. This stuff is amazing! It doesn't have that funky smell that most self-tanners have and im not orange. It's specially made for light to medium skin so no orange patches. I dont have any stains or stripes and the coloring is nice and even. The only downside is that the layers are so thin, you have to apply it every day. But whatever, yay for no orange!

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  1. I'm really pale too. I've learned to live with it but I've found those moisturisers with a bit of self tan in work best (so not full-on self tan) - eg Dove Summer glow body lotion is really good. I don't generally bother but if it bothers you they just take the edge off! I sometimes even mix in extra moisturiser. Another tip is to just make sure your legs are in good condition even if they are white - scrub, moisturise etc...